Fri 31 Aug - Tue 2 Oct
with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Dornying

Monbulk: Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia
25 McCarthy Rd

Start an inner journey to the pure land of the dakinis in this Vajrayogini counting retreat – a retreat in which we recite Vajrayogini’s mantra 100,000 times. By engaging in the meditation and recitation of Vajrayogini we will start to mix our mind, our subtle body, and ultimately our whole reality with her enlightened mind of great bliss. For those wishing to take rebirth in Vajrayogini’s Pure Land, Keajra, this retreat is essential.

Vajrayogini’s mantra is the most powerful mantra in all the three realms of existence. By reciting this mantra we will be cared for by all the Dakas and Dakinis of the twenty-four places, as well as their emanations. We will draw closer to Vajrayogini, making a connection with a special friend and drawing closer to actually becoming her. Our non-virtuous actions and obstacles will be pacified, and our speech will become powerful. Our happiness, spiritual realizations and ability to benefit others will increase. Ultimately, faithfully reciting this mantra will enable Vajrayogini to rescue us from the prison of samsara and take us to her Pure Land, Keajra Heaven.

Retreat Fee & Booking

Retreat fee: $150 ($100 for Melbourne Centre Members) plus accommodation.

Accommodation per day (includes all meals)

Camping $22
4 person dormitory $30
Twin $35each
Single $45


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Monbulk: Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia
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