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Monbulk: Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia
25 McCarthy Rd

WE MAY WONDER why true happiness and contentment are so difficult to find and why our lives are so often full of hardships and dissatisfaction. Buddha taught that this is coming from a basic mistake in the way that we think, and that this mistake can be reversed. If we can learn to transform our mind from its presently limited, self-focussed state, and instead start to be concerned with the experience of others, we will start to enjoy more mental peace, happiness and confidence. The beautiful attitude of compassion will bloom in our heart, and we ourself will become a source of refuge and inspiration for everyone we meet.

BUDDHA TARA is a female enlightened being who has fully accomplished this. She is the embodiment of the active compassion of all Buddhas and she functions to swiftly free us from mental and physical pain.

ON THIS WEEKEND COURSE Gen Kelsang Dornying will give the blessing empowerment of Green Tara and teachings on how to develop pure compassion. The empowerment is a blissful guided meditation in which we connect to the enlightened mother Green Tara and receive her inspiration into our heart. It is suitable for beginners and everybody is welcome.

FOLLOWING THE EMPOWERMENT WEEKEND Gen Dornying will guide a retreat on the Tantric practice of Green Tara ‘The Yoga of Enlightened Mother Arya Tara’. Learn special meditations in which we become just like Green Tara, and begin your journey to the blissful compassion of enlightenment.


Bookings open Mon 3 Sep @ 2pm.

More info coming soon.

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Monbulk: Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia
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