The Path to Happiness Guided Retreat | Jan 18-22
Fri 18 Jan - Tue 22 Jan

Monbulk: Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia
25 McCarthy Rd

In our modern daily life we tend to look for happiness in the wrong places. We think that by finding the right job, house, friends or partner we will arrive at the happiness we long for, but happiness is a state of mind, so its cause can only be found inside the mind.

In this beginner-friendly retreat embark on a journey of inner development and discover this lasting joy and contentment for yourself. Learn a special sequence of meditations that improve your relationships, deepen your wisdom and make your life meaningful. Don’t miss this opportunity to begin the journey to a happier life.

The Teacher

The teacher of this retreat is Gen Kelsang Dornying, the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia and Kadampa Meditation Centre Melbourne. Gen Dornying gives clear, practical teachings for solving problems and finding happiness, and is much loved for his warmth and humility.

Fee & Booking

Retreat fee: $180 – includes lunch (no charge for Centre Members). Accommodation (per night – includes breakfast & dinner): camping $30; shared room $45;  twin & double $75 each; single $95; single w/ ensuite $120. Everyone welcome.

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Shuttle Services

Pick up at the following times to Belgrave station: $7
Fri 18 Jan @ 5.30pm
Fri 18 Jan @ 6.30pm
Drop off at the following times to Belgrave station: $7
Tue 22 Jan @ after lunch


Friday 18
Intro  7.30-9pm
Saturday 19
Session 1  9-10.15am
Session 2  11.30am-12.45pm
Session 3  3.30 – 4.45pm
Dinner 6pm
Wishfulfilling Jewel with Tsog  7.30 – 8.45pm
Sunday 20 & Monday 21
Session 1  9-10.15am
Session 2  11.30am-12.45pm
Session 3  3:30-4.45pm
Wishfulfilling Jewel  5-5.50pm
Dinner 6pm
Session 4  7.30 – 8.45pm
Tuesday 22
Session 1  9-10.15am
Session 2  11.30am-12.45pm

If you have any enquiries please email:

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Monbulk: Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia
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