A PRECIOUS OPPORTUNITY FOR STUDENTS OF VENERABLE GESHE-LA to become a resident of kadampa meditation centre australia

The spiritual community at Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia is a modern day example of how putting Buddha’s teachings into practice creates a peaceful and harmonious environment that is a pleasure for all who visit.  Becoming a resident at the centre means being part of this contemporary spiritual family and is a precious opportunity to deepen our experience of a spiritual life.

The centre is the national centre for Kadampa Buddhism in Australia, and holds weekly meditation classes, meditation retreats, day courses, weekend courses and more. Living at the centre not only gives you access to the teachings, but also the opportunity to help towards creating an environment where people can find and develop their inner peace. Residents are expected to participate in one of our study programs, complete their rostered jobs and be available to help at centre events.

If you would like to become a resident at Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia, you should first join one of our study programs, participate in some of our day courses or meditation retreats at Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia or another Kadampa Meditation or Buddhist Centre and when you think you are ready to take the step towards living here, contact Khandro, our Admin Director, on 03 9756 7203 or by email.