Weekly Drop-in Classes

Weekly Drop-in Classes

Our weekly meditation drop-in classes are taught by qualified Buddhist teachers, and are very easy to understand and apply to our daily lives. The classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners, and emphasize how to use meditation and subsequent practices amidst the busyness of modern, daily life. The union of Buddha’s teachings within our daily life is the essence of Kadampa Buddhism.

All of our classes are currently being live streamed. Please go to kadampa.live to purchase your pass.  

Monday Night 7:30PM (Online Only)

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety (Jun 29-Jul 20) with Gen Dornying

Exercise. Write it down. Light a candle. Drink less caffeine.             

These common stress-busting techniques can help, to a point – but this is one of the most tumultuous periods in modern times. We need to do more than light a candle.

At our next series of evening meditation classes, learn Buddhist meditations and ways of thinking that will help you to completely transform your ordinary response to difficult situations. 

Instead of being controlled by your mind, learn how to control your mind. Observe your normal feelings of stress and anxiety completely disappear, and finally experience the peace and stillness you’ve always longed for. 

  • Cost: $15 in-person, $10 online
  • 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Tuesday Night 7:30PM (Online Only)

How to Solve our Human Problems (weekly) with Gen Dornying

What’s a human problem?

Simply put: human problems are problems that humans create, and only humans can solve. 

That’s us. We created the problems, so we must solve them. 

There are so many human problems to solve: stress, anxiety, self-doubt, addiction; worries about our health, our finances, and the future. Our relationships are often riddled with human problems. Society – which is just a collection of a lot of humans – adds more problems: crime, violence, poverty, prejudice.

Fortunately, we have special teachings to help us solve these difficulties. 

In a new course, conceived especially for these challenging times, Resident Teacher Gen Dornying will teach step-by-step how to overcome these difficulties, using the beloved book How to Solve Our Human Problems

By studying this book, you’ll also learn one of Buddha’s most popular and well-known teachings: the Four Noble Truths.

The course is designed sequentially, but you can join (or drop off and re-join) at any time.

  • Cost: $10 online only
  • 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Wednesday Morning 11:30AM (Online Only)

Week 1 Meditate, Pray, Love (Jul 1-22) with Natalie Eichelmann

You don’t need to go to an ashram in India, eat pasta in Italy, or hang out with a medicine man in Bali. (Not that we’re against those things.)

Our daily life can become a spiritual journey.

In fact, making our life our spiritual practice is key to remaining calm and happy in this hectic world.

In this four-week course, learn meditations and practices that will help you transform every moment of your life into the spiritual path.

  • Cost: $10 online only
  • 11:30am - 1:00pm

Thursday Night 7:30PM (Online Only)

The Stages of the Path (weekly) with Gen Dornying

Buddha gave 84,000 teachings. The average life span in Australia is just 30,112 days. What hope do we have?

Fortunately, the Indian Buddhist master Atisha created a special set of instructions that contain all the essential teachings of Buddhism. We call this the stages of the path to enlightenment, or Lamrim in Tibetan. When we gain experience of Lamrim, at any level, our mind is protected from turbulence and discomfort.

Think of it like the kindest, most meaningful CliffsNotes.

In a special series of evening meditation classes, conceived especially for these unusual times, you can learn systematically the essential meaning of all of Buddha’s instructions.

  • Cost: $10 online only
  • 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Friday Night 7:30PM (Online Only)

Ask A Monk - Buddhist Q&A (weekly) with Gen Dornying

Join our live interactive Q&A session with Gen Dornying. Ask all your burning Dharma questions via the live YouTube chat stream during the session. A fun, informative and thought provoking class, not to be missed!

  • Cost: $10 online only
  • 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Tuesday Lunchtime 12:30PM (Online Only)

Free Lunchtime Meditation (weekly) with Gen Dornying

Escape the stress and busyness of city life to discover the peace of meditation for yourself in these free 30 minute meditation sessions. Be guided through simple meditations that relax the mind and body, leading to a deep experience of inner peace and contentment. Beginners welcome. Drop-in any week. There is no charge for any of these sessions.

  • Cost: FREE
  • 12:30pm - 1:00pm

What to Expect at A Class

Meditation & Buddhism classes offer simple, practical methods to improve the quality of our life and develop inner peace. Each class consists of two guided meditations and teachings to help us solve our daily problems, let go of negative minds and find the lasting happiness we seek.