Course Dates
Fearlesssep 25 · oct 2 · 9 · 16
Steps to Inner Peaceoct 23 · 30 · nov 6 · 13
The Confidence to Changenov 20 · 27 · dec 4 · 11
Meditate Pray Lovefeb 5 · 12 · 19 · 26
Wednesdays · 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
with Buddhist teacher Beth O'Brien

Ashburton · The Craig Family Centre
7 samarinda ave

Discover the power our mind has to shape our world. Use meditation and positive thinking techniques to create a life of confidence and happiness. By learning how to meditate our mind will  become clear and less distracted, our memory will improve and we will develop the power to overcome negative thoughts and feelings. In these classes, discover simple meditations and ways of thinking that enable us to maintain a peaceful, positive mind at work and at home, which will improve both our personal and working relationships as well as our enjoyment of life.

Class information

No booking required. Classes consist of two guided meditations and a practical teaching to help us solve our daily problems and find the lasting happiness we seek. Everybody is welcome!

Class fee $15.

If you have any enquiries please email:

Course Descriptions

Overcome the inner causes of fear, develop a strong mind and learn the art of worry-free living. 
Steps To Inner Peace
Step-by-step guidance for taking control of your life. Develop lasting inner peace – the actual cause of happiness – regardless of life’s challenges.
The Confidence To Change
No one wants to remain ordinary forever. Generate an inspiring vision of yourself; learn the practical methods to make this vision a reality.
Meditate Pray Love
Spiritual development is essential if we are to stay calm and happy in our hectic modern world. Learn the meditations and practices that transform regular daily life into a spiritual journey.