Save the Date

Save the Date

Dates for upcoming workshops, retreats and events.

Events in red are available to book. 

17-18 Apr: Nyungnay 

21-23 Apr: Relax, Rejuvenate, Recharge Retreat 

24 Apr: Stop Worrying, Start Living – Meditation Workshop

28 April: How to be Kind to Yourself with Gen Dornying | Ballarat Public Talk

7-9 May: Silent Weekend Meditation Retreat with Gen Dornying

15 May: Pure Happiness with Gen Lhachog | Meditation Workshop

23 May: Self Esteem with Gen Dornying | Meditation Workshop (Live from Darwin)

5 June: How to Set up a Shrine with Christielli 

9-11 June: Silent Meditation Retreat

26 June: How to Stop Overthinking with Gen Dornying

10 July: How to Transform Your Life Retreat with Christielli 

17 July: Half Day Learn to Meditate with Daisy

25 July: Limitless

21 August: Overcoming Anxiety with Gen Dornying

25-30 August: Silent Winter Retreat

8-10 September: Silent Meditation Retreat

18 September: The Art of Forgiveness