Our meditation courses and retreats are an ideal way to get experience of meditation and inner peace. These courses examine a particular topic in greater depth than would be possible in a Drop-in class.

Our courses and retreats are open to everyone and are suitable for all levels of experience, including beginners. For more information about specific courses or retreats, select a course from the list below.

International Summer Festival 2021 | Jul 30 – Aug 14

Re-broadcasting of NKT-IKBU International Summer Festival 

Re-broadcasting at KMC Melbourne | Jul 31 – Aug 15

Wisdom Protector empowerment. Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments. Essential Kadampa teachings.

Please Note: To attend this event you must book the International Summer Festival time zone Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) (+1 Day Festival dates 31 July-15 August)

The re-broadcasting of the Summer Festival at KMC Melbourne will be for the following dates:

Week 1: July 31 – August 5 | The Heart Practice

Week 2: August 7 – 15 | Awakening our Buddha Nature

Any donation to contribute to the cost of setting up for the festival streaming would be appreciated. You can do so by clicking here.

Mindfulness Retreat with Gen Kelsang Dornying

Meditation Retreat |  18-20 August | KMC Australia

Core to Buddhist practice, mindfulness improves memory and helps us feel clear and focused. It’s also how we transform our thoughts from negative to positive.

A retreat in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges forest is a perfect opportunity to experience this for yourself.

Be guided through meditations that help you find the peace and happiness we all seek, and enjoy the stillness that comes from spending a few days in silence.

Open to practitioners of all levels. 

Overcoming Anxiety with Gen Kelsang Dornying

Meditation Workshop |  21 August | KMC Melbourne

Stress and anxiety are increasingly common in our world, and there are all sorts of therapies and practices we can try to remedy this. You can even buy stress-reducing herbs from the vitamin aisle of the supermarket! But all our efforts will be to no avail if we don’t take stock of what our mind is actually doing. Have you actually had a look at what is in your mind? Are you able to count the number of things you’ve thought about today? Or is your inner world a turbulent stream of uncontrolled thoughts, images, memories, and songs?

It’s clear that if we want to get a grip on our anxiety levels, we need to stabilise our mind, and the best way to do this is through mindfulness and meditation. On this course, Buddhist Monk Gen Dornying, will give guidance and instruction on various meditation techniques that bring the wild elephant of our mind to peace, thus paving the way to far less stress and anxiety.

Silent Winter Retreat with Gen Kelsang Dornying

Silent Meditation Retreat |  25-30 August | KMC Australia

The world is a noisy place. There’s outer noise – talking, traffic, TV – and inner noise: distractions, social media, to-do lists and nagging thoughts. Silent retreats aim to quiet this noise so you can reset and recharge.

On this five day silent retreat, you can enjoy a digital detox, find beauty in your surroundings, and stay connected to the meditative experience. Our beautiful temple in the Dandenong Ranges is the perfect place to take a break from the noisy world and emerge better equipped to handle its stresses and stimulation.

How to Set up a Shrine with Christielli

Half Day Workshop | 28 August | In person and Online

If we wish for success in our meditation practice we need to make correct preparations. The inner realizations that arise from meditation depend upon certain inner conditions that we create by engaging in the preliminary practices. Just as a farmer needs to prepare the ground before he plants his crop, so we need to prepare our minds before we can hope to harvest a crop of spiritual realizations.

In this workshop Buddhist teacher Christielli Portela will explain how to engage in the preliminary practices of Kadampa Buddhism including setting up a qualified shrine, making water offerings, sitting in the correct meditation posture, making prostrations and offering mandalas. Through receiving these instructions we will develop the confidence needed to practise daily meditation.